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KRMF and ACLU File Another Lawsuit Involving Citizens’ Rights to Record Police

KRMF has co-counseled with the ACLU of Pennsylvania in yet another lawsuit concerning the Philadelphia Police Department’s failure to ensure that its officers are aware that private citizens have a constitutional right to observe and record police in the performance of their duties.  In this, the fifth in a running series of cases, the Complaint alleges […]

KRMF and ACLU File New Challenge to Philadelphia Police Arrests for Cell Phone Video Recording

Initiating the latest edition in a series of cases involving the practice of Philadelphia police officers to arrest citizens who video or record police in the performance of their duties, KRMF partner Jonathan Feinberg along with lawyers from the ACLU of Pennsylvania and Langer, Grogan & Diver have filed suit on behalf of Temple University student, Richard Fields.  As explained […]

KRMF Welcomes Susan M. Lin

Kairys, Rudovsky, Messing & Feinberg LLP is pleased to announce that Susan M. Lin, Esq., has joined our firm as an associate attorney after nine years of service as a public defender in both the state and federal court systems. Ms. Lin is a highly experienced criminal defense attorney, with a record of success in […]

Third Circuit Victory for DNA Exoneree and KRMF Client Byron Halsey Clears Way For Civil Rights Claims Seeking Compensation For Twenty-Two-Year Unlawful Incarceration

In a strong and precedent setting opinion, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit ruled that the allegations of Byron Halsey that police detectives falsified a confession that led to his conviction for rape and murder and 22 years of incarceration before he was fully exonerated by post-conviction DNA testing violated his rights […]

Ruling in Capital Case May Result in KRMF Client’s Removal From Death Row

As the result of a Lebanon County judge’s ruling on April 17, and as reported in local media, a death row inmate represented by Jules Epstein is likely headed toward a resolution of his appeals which will prevent his execution.  After hearing psychological testimony, and without opposition from the prosecution, President Judge John Tylwalk ruled that Freeman […]

KRMF Partner Paul Messing Testifies in Philadelphia City Council in Support of Legislation Limiting Marijuana Arrests

Philadelphia City Council held a hearing on March 11 concerning a proposed ordinance that would seriously limit arrests on minor marijuana possession charges.  KRMF partner Paul Messing testified before Council concerning the results of data analysis conducted as part of the stop-and-frisk litigation brought by KRMF and the ACLU of Pennsylvania.  Noting that Philadelphia police […]

Third Circuit Issues Path-Breaking Immigration Law Decision In Case Co-Counseled By ACLU and KRMF

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit issued an important decision on March 4 on a previously undecided issue: whether a local government can be held accountable for agreeing to hold someone in prison custody at the request of immigration officers with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The case was brought by Ernesto […]