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KRMF Sues FBI Agent Over Malicious Prosecution of Temple Physics Professor

KRMF filed a complaint yesterday alleging that an FBI agent engaged in malicious prosecution and fabrication of evidence in his investigation of Professor Xiaoxing Xi of Temple University. At daybreak on May 21, 2015, the complaint alleges, FBI agents stormed Professor Xi’s house, held his family at gunpoint, and arrested Professor Xi. Professor Xi was subjected […]

Full acquittal for KRMF client in federal bribery and extortion trial

As widely reported in Philadelphia media, after a seven-day trial, a federal jury returned a verdict acquitting ex-L&I Deputy Commissioner Dominic Verdi of all charges against him. Mr. Verdi had been the subject of a six-year investigation and prosecution by federal authorities who accused him of accepting bribes from and extorting various owners of bars, […]

Federal Court grants sentencing entrapment argument, imposes sentence below statutory mandatory minimum

In June 2016, United States District Judge Gerald A. McHugh found that imposing the statutorily required mandatory minimum sentence on a defendant who was convicted in a stash house sting case would violate his constitutional right to Due Process of Law. The defendant had been convicted after a jury trial of conspiracy, Hobbs Act robbery, […]

KRMF Client Byron Halsey Settles Wrongful Conviction Lawsuit for $12.5 Million

Eight years after he was conclusively exonerated by DNA evidence and six years after he started his federal civil rights suit, Byron Halsey, has, as reported in multiple media outlets, reached a global settlement of his wrongful conviction claims totaling $12.5 million. Mr. Halsey was convicted for the November 1985 rape and murder of his […]

Federal Court Issues Strong Opinion Confirming That Citizens Cannot Be Arrested For Videotaping Police

The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania (Judge Gerald Austin McHugh) has issued a timely opinion given, as noted by the Court, “recent events nationally, where videotapes by citizens have proven to be indispensable in bringing to light instances where police unfortunately misused their power.” The Opinion was issued in the case […]

KRMF and ACLU Issue Report Finding Continued Pattern of Unlawful Stops and Frisks by Philadelphia Police

KRMF along with its co-counsel ACLU of Pennsylvania filed its Fifth Report on February 24, 2015 as part of the monitoring process in Bailey v. Philadelphia, a lawsuit filed in 2010 alleging that Philadelphia Police Department (PPD) officers had a pattern and practice of stopping and frisking pedestrians without legal justification and disproportionately stopping African-Americans. The Report shows […]

KRMF Wrongful Arrest Case Involving Seven Months of Incarceration Settled During Trial

KRMF partner Paul Messing reached a substantial settlement on Dec. 22 on behalf of client Philip Sudler, bringing resolution to Mr. Sudler’s civil rights claims against two officers of the West Chester Police Department.  As detailed in press coverage of the settlement, Mr. Sudler spent seven months in jail on accusations that he had attempted to commit a […]

David Rudovsky Featured on WHYY’s Radio Times Episode Regarding Ferguson Grand Jury Decision

KRMF partner David Rudovsky appeared on the November 26 edition of WHYY’s Radio Times to discuss the decision of a Missouri grand jury not to indict Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting of an unarmed man, Michael Brown.  Discussing the mechanics of grand jury proceedings, Rudovsky and fellow local criminal defense lawyer Jeffrey Lindy noted, […]