KRMF and ACLU Issue Monitoring Report on Philadelphia Police Department Stop and Frisk Practices

As widely reported in local media, attorneys for the plaintiffs in Bailey et al. v. City of Philadelphia et al. released yesterday a comprehensive monitoring report on the Philadelphia Police Department’s stop-and-frisk practices.  The Report focused on stop and frisk practices for the first half of 2012 — a time period that, significantly, came after the Police Department completed agreed upon re-training of officers, issued new protocols on stop and frisk practices, and implemented accountability measures.  Despite the new steps taken by the Police Department, the Report concludes that 43-47% of all stops and 45% of all frisks (commonly known as a “pat-down”) were conducted without proper legal cause.  Based on this data, the Report calls on the City to make dramatic changes in its stop and frisk practices.

The Report was authored by KRMF partners David Rudovsky and Paul Messing, ACLU attorney Mary Catherine Roper, and University of Pennsylvania Law School professor Seth Kreimer.

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