David Rudovsky Appears on WHYY’s Radio Times To Discuss Cell Phone Videoing of Police

KRMF partner David Rudovsky was a guest on WHYY’s Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane on March 7, 2013, discussing the important civil rights implications of cell phone videos taken of police in the performance of their duties.  Topics of discussion included the February 27, 2013, Municipal Court verdict acquitting a Philadelphia police lieutenant of all charges in relation to an incident where he was shown striking a woman in the face and the later revelation that the presiding judge is married to a police officer who was present in the courtroom in support of the defendant officer.  Further, the show addressed recently filed cases, including one filed jointly by KRMF and the ACLU of PA, alleging that police have improperly arrested persons in retaliation for their having videoed officers in the course of their duties.

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