Charges Against Exonerated KRMF Clients Dismissed

As reported in the Philadelphia Inquirer, just one year after the start of post-conviction proceedings that led to the grant of a new trial and release from prison for KRMF clients Eugene Gilyard and Lance Felder (in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Innocence Project) on a murder conviction for a 1995 killing in Philadelphia, the District Attorney announced on June 18th that he would not retry our clients and moved for a dismissal of all charges. The exoneration of Gilyard and Felder showed once again the unreliability of eyewitness identification and the adverse effects of “tunnel-vision,” a problem when investigators focus on a suspect without strong evidence and then ignore, as in this case, stronger evidence pointing to others who most likely committed the crime. David Rudovsky, one of the lawyers on the case, stated that Mr. Gilyard and Mr. Felder were innocent at the time or their arrests and are now officially innocent after their exoneration.

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