Philadelphia Jury Acquits KRMF Client Widely Known For Community Activism

A jury in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas found KRMF client Joshua Glenn not guilty of all charges in a verdict announced on Thursday, February 14, 2013.  Mr. Glenn had been charged in relation to an October 23, 2008 shooting incident in West Philadelphia which left one complainant with a gun shot wound in his right leg. Although the complainant had previously testified on multiple occasions that Mr. Glenn was not the shooter, the prosecution relied on a written statement allegedly signed by the complainant naming Mr. Glenn.  The complainant testified at trial that he was under probation supervision at the time of the incident and feared that he would be punished unless he signed the document police prepared.  The jury’s verdict, returned after only three hours of deliberation, vindicated Mr. Glenn’s proclamations of innocence since the time of his arrest.

Mr. Glenn is widely known for his work as an organizer and activist on criminal justice and education reform issues.  Having survived a harrowing childhood during which his father was murdered and his mother was addicted to drugs, Mr. Glenn ran into trouble as a juvenile.  In his late teens, however, he began working with Philadelphia’s Youth Art & Self-empowerment Project, and has, since that time, devoted his life to mentoring young people and  advocating for legislative changes concerning the manner in which juveniles are charged as adults and the funding of schools in Pennsylvania.  The jury’s verdict closes the final chapter on Mr. Glenn’s troubled youth and will allow him to move forward with his service to his community.

Mr. Glenn was represented at trial by KRMF lawyer Jonathan Feinberg.  Invaluable assistance and direction was provided by Sarah Morris of Decarcerate PA.

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