New Civil Rights Filing Concerning Tragic and Preventable Death in Pennsylvania State Prison

KRMFL has filed a civil rights lawsuit on behalf of the family of Khynesha Grant, who died from the effects of a dangerous–but treatable–brain tumor while incarcerated at the State Correctional Institution-Cambridge Springs in northwestern Pennsylvania.  

Over the course of several weeks in late 2018, Ms. Grant exhibited symptoms indicative of a serious brain disorder – fainting, vomiting, blurred vision, and severe headaches. As alleged in the suit, medical personnel were fully aware of the urgent and degenerative nature of Ms. Grant’s condition, but failed to provide adequate diagnostic testing or medical treatment. Instead, during the period in which the tumor may have been treatable, medical staff accused Ms. Grant of exaggerating, or even fabricating her symptoms. 

On January 23, 2019, after several days of increasingly debilitating pain, Ms. Grant lost consciousness. She was transferred to a hospital, where a CT scan showed a massive, inoperable growth in her brain that had collapsed all neurological functioning. Ms. Grant died the following day. 

In the lawsuit, Denise Grant, the mother of Khynesha Grant, alleges that the medical providers and their employer, the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, were deliberately indifferent to Khynesha’s serious medical needs. 

Denise Grant is represented by Jonathan Feinberg.

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