Inmate Death at Montgomery County Correctional Facility Leads to Deliberate Indifference Lawsuit

As reported in local media, KRMFL has initiated a federal civil rights lawsuit on behalf of Nakila Viney, whose husband, Eric Viney, died after he suffered a serious illness while detained at the Montgomery County Correctional Facility.

As alleged in the suit, medical providers in the prison were aware of Mr. Viney’s serious medical condition, but failed to provide adequate treatment, only seeing him a handful of times over the course of three weeks. Mr. Viney’s health drastically deteriorated during this period of time. He underwent a 20 pound weight gain and loss while his eyes turned yellow, signaling liver failure.

As Mr. Viney demonstrated clear symptoms of severe illness, medical staff did not transfer him to a hospital, instead opting to wait for days. By the time, Mr. Viney was finally transferred to a hospital, he was in complete organ failure.  He was placed on life support, and, after 100 days, died from complications resulting from his illness.

In the lawsuit, Ms. Viney alleges that the medical providers, their employer PrimeCare Medical, Inc., and Montgomery County were deliberately indifferent to Mr. Viney’s serious medical needs.

The lawsuit was filed by KRMFL attorney Jonathan H. Feinberg.

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